Gipfelwelt 3000 | Destination in Kaprun | © Kitzsteinhorn
Ranger at the Nationalpark Gallery | © Kitzsteinhorn
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History, technology & nature in the museums & exhibitions of the Zell am See-Kaprun region

Often communicated as holiday programme for rainy days or as alternative programme, this description does absolutely not apply to the museums in our Zell am See-Kaprun region. Why would you only be interested in history, nature, technology or traditional customs on rainy days? There are many interesting things to discover.

The region has a long history, much has been developed and there are many old things that deserve to be preserved for future generations. Vötter's Vehicle Museum is dedicated to old vehicles and mobility while the Kaprun Museum offers many interesting facts about the 4.000-year old history of the town in the mountains. The National Park Gallery and the National Park Museum in nearby Mittersill are museums with adventure factor where you learn more about the exciting world of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

History at your fingertips - Kaprun Museum

The history of Kaprun is almost 4.000 years old. Reason enough to dedicate a museum to this town and its historical development. Admire archaeological finds of the first settlements or experience the development of tourism in the region at your fingertips. Whatever got you to choose the Zell am See-Kaprun region as your holiday destination started already back in 1900. The region's touristic value and the creation of a desirable basis of life in the post-war years are based on interesting processes, much work and know-how. WW II as such was an important period for the development of Kaprun as it is today as this chapter of history greatly influenced the building of the power plant at the Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs. A new show room explains the the story of the Kaprun Cable Cars.

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Vintage cars and the most famous pass road

There is of course a link. Old pictures of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road prove that Austria's highest-situated pass road was open to proper traffic many years ago already. Old but not forgotten vehicles have a place in the region where they can be admired in a dignified setting. The passionate vehicle enthusiast and proprietor has created a magnificent world of technology in the Vötter's Vehicle Museum in Kaprun. The journey through the history of automobiles at Vötter's starts in the 1950s. Many of the vehicles exhibited there did really drive on the nearby Grossglockner High Alpine Road and still do so every now and then to this day. The finest hour of these vintage vehicles of Vötter's Museum is the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Grossglockner.

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Museum Vogtturm Zell am See

Discover how Zell am See became what it is today. The medieval Vogtturm in the heart of Zell am See explains the history, art, culture and innovation of the city and its region.

There is also a special exhibition on the subject of "The Porsche Design Principle" until April 2023, in which the most important cornerstones of the Studio F. A. Porsche Zell am See are shown. Look forward to a comprehensive insight into the work of the design studio.

Guided tours at Museum Vogtturm by prior arrangement.

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Nature & interesting facts

When talking about the region's museums and interesting facts, then should the exhibitions at the National Park Centre in nearby Mittersill not be forgotten. If you wait for days of bad weather here, then you may miss out. Fantastic exhibitions and theme worlds about flora and fauna in Austria's largest and oldest National Park are waiting for you here. You learn many interesting facts about the alpine mountain world in up to 3.000 metres above sea level at the National Park Gallery at the Kitzsteinhorn. The world of the Hohe Tauern, "inside" the mountain, is at your fingertips and will delight you and your kids. Museums and exhibitions can also be found along the route across the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Interesting facts about the construction, the natural space to the left and to the right of the road and the mountain world of the Hohe Tauern invite to stop for a while and to take wonderful impressions home with you.

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You don't want to wait for rainy days and can't wait to find out a wide range of facts and interesting information in the region's museums and exhibitions? If you want to learn more about the region's history, the development of tourism and the creation of an amazing natural space, then book your accommodation in the Zell am See-Kaprun region now and spend your next holiday here with us. If you have any questions about the museums and special exhibitions, then contact us directly! We look forward to hearing from you!