Local Guide The digital guided tour of Zell am See

Enjoy a digital guided tour through Zell am See. Experience places of interest and stories told by local and famous personalities at a total of 10 stations on your smartphone.

Backgrounds, information, stories

Local Guide is not a conventional multimedia city guide. Apart from interesting facts, figures and backgrounds about Zell am See, we also bring the town to life and enhance it with faces of people who have shaped our town, thus distinguishing it from other regions. We give them a voice and let them tell their stories. You listen and get inspiration from the locals, the most beautiful places, the stories and their connections to our town - Zell am See.


The 10 stations in the Old Town of Zell am See are not just beautiful to look at and in stylish
design, they also contain top-modern technology. Interested visitors can retrieve the information and stories told by local personalities via QR codes, NFC tags or Bluetooth. Simply visit the stations, scan the code or connect via Bluetooth and off you go on a journey through interesting stories about Zell am See. Installing an APP on your smartphone is not necessary.

Facts about the Local Guide
  • 10 multimedia stations in Zell am See
  • With local protagonists as photo, video, text & audio
  • Retrievable by QR code, NFC tags or Bluetooth
  • APP installation not necessary



Smartphones can use the Local Guide via 3 different technologies without any app.

  • QR CODE: Open the Camera app on your phone and scan the QR code
  • NFC: Activate NFC and place your phone at the station
  • BLUETOOTH: Activate Bluetooth and Location, the station pops up as a notification