Sculpture Park Thumersbach A new contribution of sculpture in the public area

Experience a digital tour through the SculpturePark in Thumersbach in Zell am See. With your smartphone you can marvel at interesting personalities and stories at a total of 8 stations.

Background information & Stories

With the sculpture Park in Thumersbach,  the municipality and the tourist association of Zell am See reaffirm their belief in art and contribute to the topic of contemporary stone, wood- and metal sculpture. Today's cult and object arts are replacing sculptures which are regarded perhaps wrongly as traditional, because of their chosen materials. Nevertheless, sculpture has recaptured its status. The young generation itself quite independently from the historical background of sculpture art.

So both Sculpture Park Thumersbach and the initiative "Kunst am Berg" (art on the Schmittenhöhe mountain) show examples of a contemporary use of material in a surprisingly unconventional context. Working on the spot, was the chance of a specific examination with the material on the one hand and with the spot on the other hand. Right in sense of "site specific", the spot is becoming a conceptual part of the work; the artists have an influence on it over a long period. Twice is the effect: more adience can be achieved and the sculptures in the public arena are forcing unequivocally a direct dialogue with the observer.

Silvie Aigner, art historian

Facts about the sculpture park
  • 8 multimedia stations in the area of Thumersbach in Zell am See
  • Circular route with contemporary sculptures
  • Retrievable by QR code, NFC tags or Bluetooth
  • APP installation not necessary



Smartphones can use the Local Guide via 3 different technologies without any app.

  • QR CODE: Open the Camera app on your phone and scan the QR code
  • NFC: Activate NFC and place your phone at the station
  • BLUETOOTH: Activate Bluetooth and Location, the station pops up as a notification