Schmidolin the dragon Holidays with children on the Schmittenhöhe

Zell am See's local mountain, the Schmittenhöhe, is the home of a very special host: Schmidolin the little dragon. He lives on the mountain all year round, loves to spend his time with visiting children and has all kinds of mischief on his mind. On winter holidays with the family, you can meet him on skis on the XXL fun slope or on the kids slope, where he explains the rules of the pistes to you. In summer, he transforms the forest on the Schmittenhöhe into an exciting world of adventure and invites children to tests of courage, climbs and solving puzzles.

Theme trail: Schmidolin's Baptism of Fire

If you go hiking on the Schmittenhöhe in summer, you're bound to come across him: Schmidolin has built his own adventure park here. But the little dragon urgently needs help: he has to learn how to spit fire and he can't do it without the support of the children. In order for Schmidolin to pass his baptism of fire, the children have to solve tricky tasks and pass daring tests of courage along the adventure trail. All the answers are then documented in the adventure passport so that Schmidolin can thank them with a little memento at the end. You don't need a separate admission ticket for this activity for children: admission to the theme trail is included in the cable car ticket.

Schmidolin's baptism of fire in Zell am See-Kaprun | © Schmittenhöhe
Playground: Schmidolin's Dragon Fire

This playground is made for dragon fans: Schmidolin's play tower called Dragon Fire holds many adventures for guests of all ages. Here, children can climb, crawl, swing and slide, climb the viewing tower and catch sight of the dragon's cave. A slide brings the kids safely back to the ground, where swings and recliner benches for some rest are waiting.

 Family vacation on the Schmittenhöhe | © Schmittenhöhe
E-Motocross: Schmidolin’s Hot Wheels

Right at the areitXpress upper terminus, Schmidolin has made a dream come true: Here he enjoys laps on his hot wheels - an e-motocross bike. You want to join in? Perfect! Children from the age of six can ride special children's electric bikes on a secured circuit. For beginners, there will be on-site instruction by the pros, while advanced riders of hot wheels can already try their hand at the e-motocross course. Meanwhile, parents can keep an eye on everything from the chill-out area.

Learning to ski with Schmidolin

Schmidolin doesn't need hibernation. He much prefers to be on the pistes with junior skiers and snowboarders on the family mountain Schmittenhöhe. On your winter holiday with the family, you'll meet him at the local ski school. There he helps out and is a particularly patient teacher: after all, he wants to become a great skier himself! The rules of the pistes are particularly important to him. He likes to explain these to the children in detail so that they are always safe on the pistes. And once you've mastered the turns, Schmidolin will show you the way to the fun slope XXL or the kids slope.

 For the whole family on the Schmittenhöhe | © Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus

Schmidolin Club

Schmidolin makes lots of friends on the Schmittenhöhe all year round. They visit him on skiing holidays or on summer holidays with their family. That's why there's also a Schmidolin Fan Club. And the little dragon is always happy to receive fan mail! For all children between the ages of four and twelve who would also like to become members of the Schmidolin Club, there is this email address for registration:

As members of the club, the children will be informed about news, invited to events and will be on Schmidolin's very personal friends-benefits list.

And this is what the Schmidolin Club offers:

  • Schmidolin news and event dates
  • Free participation in the Schmidolin Ski Day including Schmidolin Olympics & food
  • Schmidolin children’s mail 2 x per year
  • Personal birthday mail from Schmidolin