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World Record Attempt 

Saturday, 13 June 2020

The World Record Attempt "Highest Country- & Western-Line Dance" powered by Verbund will take place on Saturday, 13 June 2020 at the High Altitude Reservoirs in Kaprun on the dam wall Mooserboden at 2.036m above sea level.

958 participants of the world record of 2019 have to be surpassed to achieve a new world record again!


Registration for the World Record Attempt 2020 is now open!

Important information
  • Due to the high number of participants in the previous years, will be operated by both public buses as well as specific world record buses.
  • Please understand that for logistical reasons all world record registrations will be automatically split between both types of transportation. This means also world record participants will be using the public way of transport. 
  • Participants in the world record attempt will receive their bus ticket and further information directly at the check-in / registration desk.
  • Due to a limited capacity, there will be a limited number of participants in the world record attempt 2020. 
  • During the registration process we kindly ask all participants and visitors/spectators to consider that participants and visitors/spectators have to be listed and hence registered separately. This way, we can make sure there are no incorrect numbers and a new world record is possible!

Programme at the World Record Attempt
  • Saturday morning: ascent to the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun by bus & public transport
  • approx. 12 PM  formation and deployment onto the damn wall
  • trial run
  • approx. 1 PM
    WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT- "Line Dance on the Wall" powered by VERBUND at the High Altitude Reservoirs Kaprun

World Record Dances 2020

World Record Dance 1: Dance with me & smile

World Record Dance 2: Nickajack

World Record Dance 3: What makes you country


For any further questions reagarding the dances and dance descriptions please contact: 

Moni Müller -
Astrid Kaeswurm -


During the World Record Attempt, everyone needs to dance according to the dance descriptions. Variations are not allowed!
All dancers need to wear Jeans, Cowboy boots and a Cowboy hat!
Variations such as a Tyrolean hat, horse riding boots or jeans skirts are not allowed. Besides, authentic Old Western Clothing is not allowed for the world record attempt.

All information is subject to change!