Have you ever climbed a dam wall? Many might have only seen this in James Bond films but such breath-taking adventure has been waiting for you in the Zell am See-Kaprun region since 11th June 2017. Fans of the region around lake – mountain – glacier already know the exciting surroundings of the Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs. A sensational world of nature and technical adventures is located high above the Kaprun Valley and is definitely worth a visit. A further attraction was added to this beautiful alpine marvel at the beginning of this summer: MOBO 107 – the worldwide highest-situated via ferrata at a dam wall. As you may have guessed already, the cool name "Mobo 107" incorporates the location at the MOoserBOden and the height of the dam wall which is 107 m. What do you think? Climbing the steep side of a dam wall in climbing boots and with a climbing set. Impossible, you think? Of course, it possible! We have been checking out this cool, exciting, steep and in part challenging attraction for you.


... is already the journey to this adventure and we start to realise what challenge we have taken on here. The shuttle bus, known already from the many other attractions around the Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs, reliably drops us off at the base of the dam wall. And there it is; this huge, grey and almost awe-inspiring structure in the middle of a stunning mountain world. The respect remains but the fear quickly evaporates as our mountain guide welcomes us with a big smile. We don’t climb the wall alone, instead we arranged for a professional, local mountain guide to lead us through the grey wall. As said already, he is a pro and all the anxiety is gone and pure excitement and adrenalin kicks in. SO COOL – we hardly can contain our excitement as we arrive in the wall by Flying Fox. Perfectly secured and after a thorough introduction by our guide, we start immediately and fight our way upwards through the gigantic Mooserboden Dam Wall.


If you don’t know what this means, no worries, we didn’t know either before we started our way through the wall. Directly from the start of the via ferrata, the route leads across a climbing system, steel ropes and a sporty section with sturdy steps and handle. The climbing system is similar to a ladder taking you upwards in a direct fall line. Many of the upwards leading steps have been made from stones taken from the Mooserboden area. They are very safe and you always have the feeling that you have complete control. Now we are getting closer to the biggest challenge on the way up: the "swing" in the upper section. Here you have to “swing“ from one step to the next. Given the height and the view from the wall downwards, this might not be everyone’s thing. But no worries: this section can be easily bypassed and you don’t have to leave your comfort zone completely.


Before we reach the swing, which we will definitely try, there is still time for stopping at the "Bankerl" seat. The ideal place for a short break before the spectacular finale. We relax a bit and enjoy the views to the surrounding mountain world. The rest area bears the well-sounding name Stoabergblick because of the amazing views across the Steinberg Mountains here. And as grand finale, there is one more highlight; to leave the via ferrata, you have to walk across a cool rope bridge from where you enjoy yet again beautiful views across nature here. After 240 metres and a duration of approx. 20 - 50 minutes, you can be certain that you have now conquered the highest-situated via ferrata on a dam wall. If you now ask yourself whether the drilling of holes has had an impact on the stability of the dam wall, then we can assure you that we had been wondering too. The installations and drilled-in handles and steps make no difference and have no impact on the stability of the dam wall. The wall stands safely and firmly at the Mooserboden Dam, reliably holding back the water masses for the generation of electricity. There is no danger that the structure might crumble under your feet, and that wall will be still standing for a long time after we have been climbing the via ferrate here.


  • Length of the via ferrata: 240 metres
  • Duration of the tour: 20 - 50 minutes – depending on experience, energy & stamina
  • Difficulty: A-B/C - A = easy; B = intermediate; C = difficult; D = very difficult
  • Don’t climb the via ferrata without suitable equipment
  • Don’t forget climbing harness, climbing set, helmet, gloves and climbing boots
  • Good level of fitness, energy, surefootedness and head for heights are required
  • If in doubt, trust a mountain guide to take you safely to the top
  • Access to the via ferrata only in good weather and stable weather conditions
  • Weather conditions can change suddenly, thunderstorms can be life-endangering
  • Heed information boards and no-entry signs – don’t climb if entry is not permitted
  • Have fun and enjoy your time on the highest-situated via ferrata at a dam wall!


If you are looking for a very special adventure and you can take a vertical challenge, then you better conquer the via ferrata at the Mooserboden Dam Wall. It is a very impressive experience to move around directly there where nature meets engineering. The area around the two large high-mountain reservoirs above Kaprun also offers some other great highlights: beautiful hiking tours lead you around the reservoirs and offer fantastic views into the valley and to the mountains. Go on a mountain tour and climb the Hocheiser or the Große Wiesbachhorn, for example. These are very difficult and challenging mountain tours and we recommend yet again to use the services of a mountain guide. If you have any questions about the via ferrata at the dam wall or if you need information about the many local possibilities, then contact the team of the Tourism Association in Zell am See or Kaprun. The teams know the area very well and provide you with all the information you need for planning your via ferrata tour or various other alpine adventurers!