The MOBO 107 via ferrata

The MOBO 107 via ferrata


at the Mooserboden dam wall

It almost sounds like James Bond: a 107-metre-high dam wall that holds enormous masses of water in check, and you climb it until you reach the top of the steep flank. Is this an adrenaline kick exactly to your taste? Then the MOBO 107 via ferrata is just right for you. We took a closer look at the climbing route at the dam wall at Mooserboden (that's where the name MOBO comes from!) - and now we feel a bit like action heroes.

The high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun are among the most popular destinations in the region. No wonder, because the two reservoirs Mooserboden and Wasserfallboden nestle like fjords between mighty mountain massifs. Here you will find an exciting world of adventure that combines nature and technology and has become a centre of attraction for visitors of all ages. For those looking for an unusual sports challenge, this place also offers the world's highest-situated via ferrata on a dam wall: MOBO 107. Equipped and well secured with a via ferrata kit, the route leads upwards across the massive concrete wall.

Let the adventure commence: with shuttle bus and Flying Fox

Even the journey to this adventure is already a small taster of what you can expect on your climbing adventure. The shuttle bus that takes visitors to the high alpine reservoirs in Kaprun stops near the dam wall. Then it's about a ten-minute walk until we stand in front of it: Massive, mighty and a little intimidating, the dam wall rises up in the middle of the mountain world. 

We are still in awe of this mighty structure as we greet our mountain guide for the tour: there is no need to be afraid here, but a little admiration before the climb helps to stay focused - after all, we will soon be 107 metres above the ground!

High mountain reservoirs in Zell am See-Kaprun | © VERBUND

Accompanied by the experienced guide, we start the tour and get to the access point by Flying Fox. That's a good start! Our climbing guide gives us a briefing on our equipment and the route, we are secured properly and we are ready to go: Metre by metre we make our way up the gigantic Mooser Dam.

Single-rail ladder, steel ropes and swing

Immediately after the start of the via ferrata, the route leads over a single-rail ladder, steel ropes and a sporty route on fixed steps and holds towards the finish. The via ferrata is a kind of single-rail ladder that takes us to the top in a direct fall line. Incidentally, many of the steps on which you move upwards were made from stones taken from the Mooserboden area. Standing on them is very safe!

Sporty climbing tour in Kaprun | © Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus

But the biggest challenge is still ahead of us: along the route, we now have to master the "Swing" in the upper area. Here you have to swing from one footing to the next. At this height and with these views into the depths, this can be quite challenging! But don't worry - this part can be easily avoided and you don't have to leave your comfort zone completely.

Anyway, we definitely want to conquer the "Swing". But before that, we take a short break on the "Bankerl" (bench) at a lofty height. Here you can perfectly enjoy the view of the surrounding peaks – there is a good reason why the rest area is called "Stoabergblick" as a homage to the surrounding stone mountains.

240 metres of pure adventure

A highlight awaits all climbers shortly before the end: because in order to leave MOBO 107 again, you have to cross a rope bridge, which again offers impressive views. After a total of 240 metres and - depending on climbing speed and rest time - 20 to 50 minutes, the adventure is over: then you can proudly say that you have conquered the highest-situated via ferrata on a dam wall.

MOBO via ferrata on the high mountain reservoirs | © VERBUND

Book guided tours

Guided tours with a qualified mountain guide are available every Wednesday and Saturday by appointment. All information is available at or by phone: +43 (0)50313-23201.

The via ferrata is also accessible without a guide during opening hours: However, please be sure to follow the safety instructions and check the weather! Via ferrata equipment can be rented at Kiosk Mooserboden at Basecamp 107.

Climbing in Zell am See-Kaprun | © Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus

The most important facts about MOBO 107

  • Length of the via ferrata: 240 metres
  • Duration of the ascent: 20 - 50 minutes - depending on experience, strength & stamina
  • Difficulty: A-B/C (A = easy; B = moderately difficult; C = difficult; D = very difficult)
  • Important: Do not enter the via ferrata without the appropriate equipment!
  • It is essential to wear a climbing harness, via ferrata kit and helmet; gloves and climbing shoes are recommended.
  • Good physical condition, strength, sure-footedness and a head for heights are required
  • We recommend doing the tour with a mountain guide
  • Access the via ferrata only in good weather and stable conditions
  • The weather can change quickly; in case of thunderstorms, there is danger to life
  • Pay attention to the signs and closure signs - do not enter if the route is closed!
And most importantly: Enjoy your time on your extraordinary climbing tour!

Via ferrata with the family | © VERBUND