In the flow: yoga between glacier, mountain and lake

In the flow: yoga between glacier, mountain and lake


With Marcel Clementi in Zell Am See-Kaprun

Five top spots for sun salutations with a view, a recommendation for an exclusive yoga retreat and pro tips for relaxed muscles after hiking and biking: This time it's all about dog, cobra, warrior and the perfect combination of exercise and nature. Om!

On the mountain with a view into the valley, high up on the Kitzsteinhorn with mighty three-thousand-metre-high peaks in view or on the shores of Lake Zell: in summer, the Zell am See-Kaprun region offers numerous favourite places to practise yoga outdoors. "Exercise and nature, that's the perfect combination," says yoga instructor Marcel Clementi. He is leading the yoga retreat "Body, Mind & Soul Weekend" in the region again this summer. In our conversation, he reveals his favourite yoga spots and also provides tips on how to calm sore muscles after a long day on the mountain.  

5 yoga spots on the GLacier, mountain and lake

Yoga-Spot Nr. 1 | MS Schmittenhöhe

Mountains or water? If you ask Marcel Clementi about his favourite place, the answer is clear: “I prefer being on the mountain and looking at the water," says the 29-year-old. Sounds like he chose exactly the right place for the yoga retreat in Zell am See-Kaprun! But when it comes to unusual yoga locations, Marcel has a very special favourite here in the region: "During the yoga weekend, there is a session on the deck of the MS Schmittenhöhe. Doing yoga on board while the ship glides through the water and the landscape passes by is something I have never experienced anywhere else, but here," Marcel says enthusiastically.

Yoga-Spot Nr. 2 & Nr. 3 | LAKE ZELL

Numerous idyllic places for a sporty power flow or Hatha yoga sessions can of course also be found along the shore around Lake Zell: On the north shore, for example, floating wooden platforms in the water beckon: perfect for warrior, cobra and downward-facing dog pose. Alternatively, yogis can try the ultimate balancing act on a stand-up paddling board - rental options for SUP boards are available at the numerous rental stations and sports shops in Zell am See-Kaprun.

Yoga-Spot Nr. 4 | Schmittenhöhe

The most beautiful view can be enjoyed from the Schmittenhöhe. Here, the Plettsaukopf with its reservoir is particularly suitable for relaxed yoga sessions with a panoramic view. The lake blends naturally into the landscape and radiates a very special energy, especially at sunrise and sunset. Those who set out early in the morning and master the trail to the reservoir on foot (duration from Zell am See approx. 75 minutes) usually have the spot for the first sun salutation all to themselves.  

If you prefer to take the cityXpress to Schmittenhöhe and hike from the upper terminus to the Plettsaukopf reservoir, you will find places that are ideal for short yoga exercises on the way. The hiking trail leads through a sparse forest, which invites you to pause in any weather. And because the scents of the forest - the so-called terpenes - apparently even improve the immune system, the combination of mindful yoga movements and time out in the forest is particularly beneficial.   

Yoga on the Schmittenhöhe | © Johannes Radlwimmer
Yoga-Spot Nr. 5 | Kitzsteinhorn

The Kitzsteinhorn is in even dizzier heights: Here, the panorama platform "Top of Salzburg" turns into an outdoor yoga studio - at least during the weekend retreat in June 2023. Starting the day with yoga exercises at more than 3,000 metres above sea level and with a view of a sea of peaks, gets the circulation going and is also a time out for the mind: "Being in nature, whether it's yoga, hiking or biking, has a positive influence and a calming effect," says Marcel Clementi. His courses are holistic and about physical exercises: "We are influenced by all the places we visit and all the people we meet," he says. So, a start to the day in impressive high alpine terrain can only be good for you!

Visiting the National Park Gallery on the Kitzsteinhorn | © Kitzsteinhorn

The combination is important: Staying fit with yoga

Does yoga actually help to prepare for the hiking and biking summer? Marcel is quite honest about this: "Yoga alone is probably not enough to carry the fitness from winter into summer. I would recommend a combination of classic fitness and strength training, yoga for stretching and walks or runs as cardio training," says the expert. Of course, the basic rule is always: Any exercise is better than none at all!  

Counteracting sore muscles

When the warm spring and summer days finally arrive, yoga becomes the ideal way to stretch the muscles after exercise. "Yoga is not suitable as a warm-up exercise, I would rather do the classic jumping jacks or squats. But after exercise, yoga sessions that stretch and loosen the muscles are just perfect." Marcel recommends the simple forward bend, where you stand with your legs straight and slowly bend your upper body forward. Alternatively, the kick & twist position is also good for stretching the legs.

To relieve and stretch the back, Marcel recommends sitting cross-legged and slowly and deliberately turning the upper body from right to left. By the way, you can find even more stretching exercises against sore muscles on Marcels Youtube-Channel. 

Join us! The exclusive yoga retreat in Zell am See-Kaprun

If you're now in the mood for yoga sessions surrounded by nature, we have another tip for you: The Body, Mind & Soul Weekend from 22 to 25 June 2023, together with Marcel Clementi and at the most beautiful yoga spots in the region. The next exclusive retreat is scheduled from 7 to 10 December 2023