Skiing (better) at last: Why a ski course is well worth it

Skiing (better) at last: Why a ski course is well worth it


Skiing (better) at last: Why a ski course is well worth it

Perhaps you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks, meaning that you cannot learn anything new as you get older. Or do you no longer have the confidence to do so? We think: That's quite a shame. Because getting out of your comfort zone is an adventure that is well worth it! This time on the list of things you still can do: learning to ski (better). We have found people who can support us in this endeavour - the pros of the ski schools in Zell am See-Kaprun.


Racing downhill on the pistes with sophisticated technique and perfectly performed turns. Creating the most beautiful plait pattern in deep snow. Or finally overcoming what holds you back from getting on your skis or snowboard for the very first time: These are really good intentions which need the support of professionals - like the snow sports instructors of the ski schools in Zell am See-Kaprun. 
Our region is home to a total of eight ski and snowboard schools. What they all have in common is the top-qualified crew, teaching beginners, the advanced as well as pros in their courses. Many of the snow sports instructors at the ski schools are also qualified ski and snowboard guides or state-certified ski instructors, and are therefore among the best and most extensively qualified in their field.

For beginners

Each of the region’s ski schools provides customised courses for beginners, regardless of their age. While the main focus for children is on learning to ski in a playful way, for adults it is often about reducing their fear of descents and possible falls. To achieve this, the pros use tried-and-tested and constantly adapted practicing methods that are taught during training.

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It’s a child’s play


In addition to the patient ski instructors, the youngest are often motivated by a cheerful mascot during their ski lessons: At the Oberschneider Ski Dome ski school in Kaprun, it's Bobo the penguin. Even the very youngest children aged 0 to 3 feel right at home and are lovingly looked after at his kindergarten. The Mini Club of the Hartweger Ski and Snowboard School in Kaprun also provides one-to-one lessons for three-year-olds. During these lessons, the child can get a taste of skiing for the first time together with a ski instructor. However, ski courses for children generally only start from the age of four or five.


All ski schools also offer suitable courses for older children: Here they can improve their technique and learn quickly together in a small group of other ski enthusiasts. The ski school week usually ends with a ski race - an absolute highlight for children and proud parents.

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Family ski courses

In addition to the classic children's ski courses, many ski schools also offer family ski courses where mums, dads and children are enjoying lessons together. This means that shared experiences on the piste are also on the agenda. The following applies to all children's and family ski courses (especially during holiday periods): Book early! The courses for the youngest are very popular.


The snow park is calling!

Teens are looking forward to customised courses with their peers, while the younger children are slowly turning into little piste racers. Guided by qualified freestyle instructors, the Hartweger Ski School in Kaprun also offers its own freestyle coaching sessions in the snow park on the Kitzsteinhorn for all experienced skiers and snowboarders who are already able to master red pistes with ease. Wouldn’t that be a great idea for next season?!

It's never too late for your first turn

Of course, all ski schools also provide group courses for adults. Here too, lessons are offered for all levels of ability - from beginners to pros. Especially popular are technique trainings, where the ski instructors can show you which details still need to be fine-tuned until your turns are perfect. If you fancy a quick technique refresher, the brush-up workshops of the Zell am See Ski and Snowboard School are perfect for you. A ski instructor will briefly analyse your skiing skills, and then show you specific exercises to help you have more fun and be safer on the pistes.

Private courses

Private lessons, for example at the ski schools Sport Alpin  or Outdo, are even more intensive than group courses: Here, a ski instructor is there just for you (and, of course, for your companion at the same level of ability if you wish) and can respond specifically to your questions and training requests. Zell am See-Kaprun also has something for "Lords of the Boards" enthusiastic snowboarders, for example with ski and snowboarding at the ski school in Kaprun.


Private guiding, where qualified guides accompany you when skiing in open terrain, is also very popular. For this, you are in good hands at Skischule Bewegt - Ski- und Sportcamp in Kaprun, one of the smaller ski schools in the region: You will be accompanied only by local ski instructors who know the area inside out. Apart from skiing, this ski school also offers other sports activities like snowshoeing for example.

No limits: UP Adaptive Sports ski school


Zell am See-Kaprun has also a very special programme for people with disabilities: the UP (Unlimited Possibilities) Adaptive Sports ski school is the region’s first  ski school for adaptive skiing. Making skiing holidays accessible to everyone,  Dutch-born Caroline Ooms opened the school in 2017. Whether wheelchair users, standing, blind or visually impaired, UP Adaptive Sports offers private lessons tailored to the needs of guests with disabilities. Like many of the other ski schools in the region, UP Adaptive Sports also offers hire equipment that is also tailored precisely to the guests: "Only a few people have their own dual or monoski, as these are very expensive," says the expert. However, hire is only possible in combination with a course, as the athletes are usually dependent on helping hands for adaptive skiing.

In this blog article you can find out more about adaptive skiing in Zell am See-Kaprun.

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Book your ski course now!

Whatever your age or ability: If you now fancy skiing, the ski schools in Zell am See-Kaprun are there for you. We wish you lots of fun on the piste!