Sightseeing in Zell am See-Kaprun | © Dominik Wartbichler
landmark of Kaprun | © Sochor
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Kaprun Castle

Landmark, contemporary witness, fortress in the past, event venue today

The castle towers majestically above Kaprun and still radiates the atmosphere of the original fortress. A bastion above the valley, a structure overlooking everything and thick walls that not only provide sufficient protection but also signals enemies that not many ways will lead past the fortress and its defenders. According to historians, Kaprun Castle was built in the 12th century. It was built for the very reasons why castles were built back then: as retreat, as fortress, as residence of noble families and as status symbol. Kaprun Castle is still a stately building today and takes beholders and visitors back to bygone times. This is of course to perfect venue and event location.

This was not always the case ...

... because the castle is so old. Having served as a residence and retreat for a number of noble men and women for many centuries, decay took hold of the building quickly in the 20th century. But the town of Kaprun did not want to stand by and let it happen. Thanks to the dedicated Kaprun Castle Society, the former fortress was renovated. Uncontrolled growth and weathering had damaged the walls but not too badly, thus motivated people could renovate and remedy the damages. Kaprun Castle has been restored to its former splendour for many years now and is the proud medieval landmark of Kaprun.

Events, festivals, visits & weddings

Today, Kaprun Castle is a much appreciated and popular event venue. Fantastic events are staged at the Kaprun Castle throughout the year. Most notably is the annual Medieval Festival in summer which gives the impression that its participants have arrived by using a time machine. Fans of medieval times travel from all over the country and beyond and bring an almost forgotten era back to life. That weekend in summer must be really special indeed for Kaprun Castle as the atmosphere feels like being back in the past. Festivals, celebrations, concerts and many famous events are staged at Kaprun Castle. It is always a special occasion visiting an event at Kaprun Castle on a mild summer's evening. Castle Kaprun is also available for hire if you are planning a private celebration or a company event. The castle is also venue for many weddings. It surely is unforgettable to say "I do" in such awe-inspiring surroundings.

Short timeline of the most important events in the history of the castle:

  • It is assumed that Kaprun Castle was built in the 12th century
  • 1287 - conquered by Archbishop Rudolph
  • 1338 - the "Veblen" take possession of the castle
  • 1480 to 1600 - the castle is the place of the archiepiscopal district court
  • 1526 - Kaprun Castle is burnt down by rebelling peasants
  • 1600 - Josef Hundt of Ainetperg rebuilt the castle in today's layout
  • 1601 -  Caspar Vogl, steward of the castle, was beheaded for declaring his solidarity with the Pinzgau peasants
  • 1645 - occupation by the Salzburg Musketeers. This is followed by various owners.
  • 1921 - Prince Johann II. of Liechtenstein sells the castle to the Peruvian envoy H. E. Gildemeister.
  • 1984 - The castle society acquires the castle and starts extensive renovation works.

If you now feel that Kaprun Castle is really worth a visit and you want to travel to Kaprun for the next Medieval Festival, then book cosy accommodation for you and your companions now. For more details about Kaprun Castle, its history or various events at this history-charged building, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!