Long-distance hiking path in Salzburger Land | © Harry Liebmann
Long-distance hiking path from Krimml to Zell am See-Kaprun | © Harry Liebmann
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Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail

Multi-day hiking tour on the new long-distance trail

Enough of everyday life. Leaving the valley behind. Uphill into the mountains, away from civilisation, into the wilderness of the Hohe Tauern. Are you also the kind of alpine sportsman or woman for whom "one" hiking tour is not enough? Then is the mountain world of the Hohe Tauern around Zell am See-Kaprun the right place for you. The new exceptional long-distance hiking experience - the "Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail" - will inspire you. Unforgettable moments, great experiences and plenty of mountain adventure await ambitious hikers.

Maximum comfort for ambitious hikers

Hikers cover a distance of 150 kilometres from the starting point at the foot of the Krimml Waterfalls to the Schmittenhöhe high above Zell am See in ten daily stages. Overnight stays alternate between accommodation in the valley or on the mountains.

The trail leads right through the Hohe Tauern National Park region and reveals stunning views of Austria's highest mountains. The use of mountain railways or practical shuttle services at the stage destinations as well as a bookable luggage transfer ensure maximum comfort.

Along the way are spectacles of nature, exhibitions worth visiting, well-maintained national park towns and attractive excursion destinations.

You can find more information on the official website of the Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail: www.hohetauerntrail.at

trail fitness test

Hiking relieves us from everyday stress, makes us feel happy, satisfies our longing for the mountains and is a real boost for the immune system. The heart is strengthened, pulse rate and blood pressure are lowered, the lower oxygen content in the mountain air strengthens the lungs, and the movement also reduces blood sugar levels and blood fats.

The "trail fitness test" provides measurable results and a verifiable sense of achievement on multi-day hiking tours, such as the new Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail.

Based on the medically viable Rockport Test, the value "VO2max" is calculated - once before the multi-day hiking tour and once after at least three to four consecutive day tours. This figure is entered into a personal fitness passport and offers a very good comparison with other people of the same age on the basis of an enclosed table. Where do I stand? How fit am I? How fit are others of my age?

Meeting point in Zell am See-Kaprun: every Tuesday (9am-11am) and every Friday (3pm-5pm) in Elisabeth Park at the Esplanade in Zell am See.

The 10 Stages of the "Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail":
  1. The largest waterfalls in Europe and the birthplace of a freedom fighter
    Stage 1: Start in Krimml | Krimml Waterfalls | Krimml-Hochkrimml
  2. Following the trail of the element water in the Wildgerlos Valley
    Stage 2: Wildgerlos Valley | Hochkrimml-Königsleiten
  3. Alpine crossing of the impressive Kröndlhorn
    Stage 3: Kröndlhorn | Königsleiten-GH Rechtegg/ Neukirchen
  4. Enjoying a magnificent view of the Großvenediger from the summit of the Frühmesser
    Stage 4: Wildkogel | GH Rechtegg/ Neukirchen-Wildkogelhaus/ Bramberg
  5. Magnificent views of the Hohe Tauern glaciers
    Stage 5: Rettenstein view | Wildkogelhaus/ Bramberg-Panorama Alm
  6. From the Thurn Pass to the most modern National Park Centre in the Alps in Mittersill 
    Stage 6: Thurn Pass | Panorama Alm-Mittersill
  7. On lonely paths to one of the highest grass mountains in Europe
    Stage 7: Around the Gaisstein | Mittersill-Bürglhütte
  8. Unique high-altitude hiking tour along the "Pinzgau Walk"
    Stage 8: Hochsonnbergalm | Bürglhütte-Uttendorfer Hochsonnbergalm/ Uttendorf
  9. New perspectives and a fantastic panoramic view of Zell am See
    Stage 9: Pinzgauer Hütte | Uttendorfer Hochsonnbergalm/ Uttendorf-Pinzgauer Hütte
  10. Following the tracks of Empress Sisi from the Schmittenhöhe to the shores of Lake Zell
    Stage 10: Lake Zell | Pinzgauer Hütte Schmittenhöhe