guided hiking tour to the top of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier | © Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG
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Guided Hiking Tours Zell am See-Kaprun

Joint mountain adventures on guided hiking tours in Zell am See-Kaprun

The selection is very diverse. Which tour shall we take today? Where do the best hiking tours start and where do they end. Where are the best places for a stop and which hiking trails lead us to the most beautiful viewpoints? Questions and more questions, which are not that easy to answer. Local knowledge cannot be bought, or? Taking the hiking trails and hiking tours in the Zell am See-Kaprun region together with a mountain or hiking guide, chances are that you will find the most beautiful sites and also learn interesting facts about the region and its fauna and flora.

Local knowledge is top

You should put your trust in a hiking or mountain guide especially when the region's stunning summits are on your agenda. A summit tour to the Kitzsteinhorn leads deep into the alpine world of the Hohe Tauern - alpine know-how and experience do not go amiss here. If you want to go on an herb hiking tour or a long tour to the region's cosiest huts, then trust the knowledge of our local experts. You can be sure to find the most beautiful plants, best herbs, tastiest Kaiserschmarren and a fine schnapps when accompanied by guides.

To the Schmittenhöhe in the company of a local guide

You don't need to climb all summits in the region to enjoy the mountains and the most beautiful views to the Hohe Tauern. From the Schmittenhöhe and the "Pinzgau Walk", you enjoy the best views into the magic alpine and glacier world. Herb hiking tour, alpine pasture hiking tour, 4 Lakes and Arts Hiking tour, Pinzgau Walk - these are the names of our guided hiking tour highlights around the Schmittenhöhe. Follow a local mountain and hiking guide and learn more about the region, its fauna and flora and the most beautiful alpine pastures.

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Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour, Family hiking tour and Gipfelwelt 3.000

Where the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier ski resort delights in winter, there is a wonderful hiking area in summer. Especially when you go on tour with a local guide or a national park ranger who will tell you about the region's distinctions. On the Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour a National park ranger will take you on this adventure.  Explore four climate zones, how glacier ice is formed the flora and fauna on the glacier and the Gipfelwelt 3000. The family hiking tour starts at the summit terminus. You discover the high-alpine flora and experience great views during the tour lasting 2-3 hours. The tour to the Gipfelwelt 3.000 leads you "through the mountain" to Salzburg's highest-situated panorama platform. This is not a joke; in the National Park Gallery, you advance into the inside of the Kitzsteinhorn. Not to be missed!

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My first 3.000 metres high mountain ...

... was the 3.203 metres high Kitzsteinhorn. And it can be your first 3.000 metres high mountain too. You surely know the mountain. The distinctive peak high above the glacier ski resort can be seen from anywhere in the Zell am See-Kaprun region. Fancy standing on a summit? This dream can come true during a guided summit tour with a certified mountain guide. The tour starts at the Kitzsteinhorn lower terminus and takes approx. 5 hours. An appropriate level of fitness and sure-footedness are required.

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Guided hiking tour Highlights in zell am See-Kaprun
  1. "My first 3.000 metres high mountain" - Kitzsteinhorn
  2. Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour
  3. Herb hiking tour Schmittenhöhe
  4. Family hiking tour at the glacier
  5. Tour to the Gipfelwelt 3.000 - Kitzsteinhorn
  6. Pinzgau Walk - top views
  7. To the region's most beautiful alpine pastures
  8. Summit tour to the Schwalbenwand
  9. From the Schmittenhöhe to the Maurerkogel
  10. 4 Lakes and Art Hiking Tour

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