Mascot on the Schmittenhöhe | © Schmittenhöhehöhe
Mascot on the Schmittenhöhe | © Schmittenhöhehöhe
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The cool dragon of the Schmittenhöhe 

Just follow Schmidolin, the cool dragon of the Schmittenhöhe. He lives at the mountain all year long, spends his time playing, having fun and being active and he has mischief on his mind. Wherever he goes, there is plenty of fun and action, and boredom is a word hardly or never used. In winter, you meet him on skis and follow his piste rules. In summer, he is up to mischief at the baptism of fire and turns the forest on the Schmittenhöhe into an adventure park.

Schmidolin in summer:

Schmidolin's Baptism of Fire

Who says hiking is boring? Being out and about on the Schmittenhöhe and joining Schmidolin is surely anything but boring. Tricky tasks, adventurous dares and questions, to which the answer is often not easy to find, are waiting on Schmidolin's way through the forest. Schmidolin is still too young to spit fire and needs the children's help. Note all answers and tasks in the adventure passport and become Schmidolin's best friends. If you want to find the way to Schmidolin, best take the mountain railway to the Areit. The trail there starts in the forest and use of the trail is included in the cable car ticket. 

Schmidolin's Dragon Fire

Climbing, scrambling, rocking or sliding - the play tower Schmidolin's Dragon Fire offers adventures for big and small guests. You can climb up the climbing wall or through the net tunnel to the panorama tower, on the top you can see the next challenges like the dragon's cave through the telescope. Also the descent could not be more adventurous, the slide brings you down fastly, where already the nest swing awaits you to relax.

Schmidolin's "blazing" motorbike

chmidolin has made his dream come true at the areitXpress upper terminus. Here he rides his E-motocross bike on an obstacle course. Austria's highest-situated E-motocross park offers children aged 6 - 14 a secure circular route where they can ride special children's E-motorbikes. Beginners learn how to do it and advanced motocross bikers can look forward to small obstacles on the E-bike course. Parents who want to watch their children enjoying their adventures can relax in the adjacent chill-out area.

Schmidolin in winter

Schmidolin does not hibernate. Of course, dragons don't do that at all. That's why he is always there where the action is - in the ski resort on the Schmittenhöhe. With him, you learn to ski in a playful way. Schmidolin actively supports the ski instructors of the ski schools. The little dragon takes skiing very seriously because he wants to be a great skier one day. What it means to be a great skier can be read in Schmidolin's rules on the piste. He has put them together especially for you.

Welcome to the club

Schmidolin's fan club is getting bigger and bigger. No surprise there, he is a cool guy and really good friend after all. Schmidolin is always happy when he receives mail from his fans, his friends are very important to him. Do you want to become a member of the Schmidolin Club too? Then simply send a message to and get in touch with him. You will always be the first to receive news as soon as you have become a member of Schmidolin's Club. You will get invitations to events and benefit from great advantages:

  • Participation in the Schmidolin Ski Day event
  • Schmidolin Olympics incl. food
  • 5 x free of charge ski water for quenching the thirst
  • Letter from Schmidolin 2x a year
  • Birthday card from Schmidolin
  • Membership in the coolest club

Schmittenhöhehöhe Mascot | © Schmittenhöhehöhe
The cool dragon
"Hello my friends, when are you coming again for a holiday on the Schmittenhöhe? I so look forward to seeing you. I already have many ideas for things to do when we meet again. In winter, we go skiing, build a snowman and have a snowball fight. In summer, you best visit me at the baptism of fire or we go for a ride on my blazing motorbikes ... Come to Zell am See-Kaprun, I look forward to seeing you!"

Do you want to meet Schmidolin and become his friend? Then become a member of the Schmidolin Club and convince your parents to spend the next holiday in the Zell am See-Kaprun region. They can book accommodation here and now or they can contact us. I look forward to seeing you - see you soon on the Schmittenhöhe!