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Fascination E-Mobility: IONICA Conference, Expo, Show & Action - tomorrow's mobility in Zell am See-Kaprun

E-mobility by water, by land and in the air. Electro-mobility has become part of our everyday life. We use E-bikes during our leisure time. We drive to work in our eco-friendly e-cars and our guests have always been out and about at Lake Zell by electric boats. It is probably just a question of time until E-planes conquer Austria's sky. But for now, it's time to give this promising form of mobility a platform, which will delight research and development experts but especially the future users of this technology.  The 4-day long event offers interested visitors of the Zell am See-Kaprun region the possibility to experience the next level of mobility. Be there when the future of mobility comes to the Zell am See-Kaprun region in June 2018.


21st - 24th June 2018


The IONICA Congress in Zell am See-Kaprun is the meeting point for international experts from the fields of research, business and politics. Experts inform and discuss the next level of mobility. Scientific coordinator is the renowned E-mobility expert Prof Dr Martin Faulstich of the Clausthal University of Technology.

The programme on Thursday, 21.6.2018, includes interesting presentations about the future of individual mobility, climate change, autonomous driving and many other exciting insights into the world of E-mobility. The congress continues on Friday, 22.6.2018: Experts in the field of water and air will provide insights into mobility solutions. Keynote speakers will address topics like Formula E, solar-powered vehicles, etc. All presentations will be complemented by thought-provoking discussions.

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IONICA Expo offers the opportunity to engage with and to test E-technology. Leading international manufacturers present their innovative E-mobility ideas. Bike, car and boat exhibits can be admired and tested at three locations in Zell am See! The exhibitors provide an insight into the functionalities and construction of their E-mobiles; thus, visitors get an idea about what will be possible with this technology in future. IONICA Expo is the future at your fingertips – a playground not just for adults.
Details about Expo

Details about Expo

Spectacular performances during the IONICA Show demonstrate what will be possible with E-mobility by water, land and in the air in future. The performances are not only breath-taking but also clean and almost silent! Be inspired by unique shows with E-mobiles at the lake, in the centre and at the airport of Zell am See. The IONICA shows let not only pilots‘ hearts beat faster – the spectators too will be amazed and hold their breath! Just as well then that the air is so clean…

Details about the shows

Cool action events are on the agenda of IONICA Action. “Think or Sink” is the motto of the Akku Boat Race. The teams must first mount an electric drive set in a self-invented watercraft before taking the obstacle course at Lake Zell. Skills and time are required here. Generating electricity with pure muscle power? The team members charge the electric go-carts for the Electrifying Muscles Challenge endurance race with the help of bicycle dynamos themselves. The 24h endurance race as well as the IONICA bike tests inspire to join in and to rev up the electric drive to the max

Details about the Action

EXCITING Highlights DURING THE iONICA in Zell am See-Kaprun:

IONICA Conference - Discussion among experts from research, industry & politics at the Ferry Porsche Congress Center

IONICA Expo - Manufacturers from around the world present innovative ideas on the topic of E-mobility

IONICA Show - Show acts demonstrate the possibilities of E-mobility with the glacier, mountains & lake as beautiful backdrop

IONICA Action - don't miss any of the action events like hill climb, 24h Endurance, Electric Muscles & boat race




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E-mobility is important to me. I have been using an E-car for work for some time now and I have discovered the E-bike for my leisure activities. I try to further develop E-mobility at work as well as at home, and I work on convincing my fellow men that E-mobility will be an important factor in the future. I very much look forward to the IONICA 2018!