Baking bread at Kaprun Kirchbichl

Baking bread at Kaprun Kirchbichl

Friday, 15.11.2024
from 9.30 am
Kirchbichl, Kaprun, Kirchplatz 4, 5710 Kaprun

Every Friday, master baker Günther Katschner, bakery Katschern bred&more, begins early in the morning with the traditional preparations for baking bread at Kaprun Kirchbichl, for this the old wooden bread oven from the early 19th century is heated up.

Starting from 10 o’clock is it then so far, the tasty kinds of bread, Tauernroggenbrot or root bread and sweet Gebbäck, like Milchbrotzopf, Buchteln and delicious nut and poppy seed strudel stand ready for the sales, with over 400 years old Steinerbauernhaus, in which also the Kaprun Musuem is resident.

Günther Katschner is a master baker in the truest sense with “loaf and soul”. With his team of over 20 employees, he oversees several locations and also operates a delivery service. He skilfully combines the tried and tested with new ideas and can thus count a colorful and rich variety of breads and pastries as well as pastries and cakes among his assortment.



Günther Katschner

Kirchplatz 4
5710 Kaprun