Mountain biking in Zell am See-Kaprun in Salzburg | © Kitzsteinhorn
Mountain biking in Zell am See-Kaprun in Salzburg | © Kitzsteinhorn
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Outdoor freeride trails

The anticipation is very high.  We are on the gondola taking us to the Alpincenter where we want to test the freeride trails. The decision is not easy: which one should we take first? We opt for the Geißstein Trail. Off the gondola, helmet on the head, rucksack on the back, fastening the protectors, Go-Pro set to record and off we go on the freeride trails at the Kitzsteinhorn ...


As a rule of thumb: There where skiing, is good in winter, there are often top conditions for mountain biking. The terrain in ski resorts is perfect for cool freeride trails and the infrastructure is so well developed that the conditions for biking are excellent. This also goes for the Kitzsteinhorn.The many altitude metres uphill to the high mountains are managed by cable car, bike transport is included in the ticket. At the Alpincenter, you can choose between three freeride trails. The new Maiskogel-Trail is the perfect addition for all "downhill-pilots".

The Geißstein Trail

  • 3144 metres in length
  • 476 altitude metres

Starting at the Alpincenter and after pushing the pedals a few times, you are taken in by the initially flowy Geißstein Trail. Small jumps and banked turns get you and your bike going. Just when you are in proper flow, the trail branches to the right, leading along a ridge with fantastic views and providing you with everything you and your tyres have been looking forward to: small rocks, drops, natural jumps and perfectly shaped turns and curve. You will have a big smile on your face when you get back to reality at the Langwiedboden, having left the Geißstein Trail.

Link to the map

The Wüstlau Trail

  • 7700 metres in length
  • 1070 altitude metres

Brake linings melt away en masse on the Wüstlau Trail. First across the soil of alpine pastures with sensationally shaped banked turns, the trail then follows the lower section of the hiking trail's natural route where your hairpin bend technique will be put to the test. Fast sections alternate with technically challenging sequences. Playful enough to get going but technically too sophisticated to go without braking. You will love this trail just as much as we do.

Link to the map

The Bachler Trail

  • 5200 metres in length
  • 600 altitude metres

The Bachler Trail is our alternative to the Wüstlau Trail and is beautiful to bike. The route is dominated by flowy terrain and wide curves, which can be taken safely and risk-free without having to complete intensive technique trainings. The Bachler Trail is accessible via an opposite ascent at the trail into the valley. If you choose this trail, then make sure your bike is suitable for uphill-biking as you will have a rather exhausting way ahead otherwise. 

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The new Maiskogel-Trail

  • 4.600 metres in length
  • 430 altitude metres

The new Maiskogel-Trail leads from the MK Maiskogelbhan upper terminus across numerous wide and narrow banked curves, waves and smaller jumps to the Stanger intermediate terminus. Because of the wide design and the gentle slope gradient, the trail is the perfect introduction for downhill beginners - but experienced bikers will also enjoy the new trail on Kaprun´s local mountain.

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THESE WILL "rock" THE Kitzsteinhorn Trails:
  • Trail, enduro bike or freeride bike
  • Range of spring from 150 mm - fun is guaranteed
  • Geißstein & Wüstlau Trail good for downhill bikes
  • Bachler Trail better by enduro or all-mountain bike
  • Helmet, gloves, arm and knee protectors
  • Well-fitting rucksack with hydration pack
  • First Aid kit - just in case
  • Spare tube, repair kit, tyre lever
  • For downhill bikes - full-face helmet and back protector
  • Warm clothes to change into - 2.500 m above sea level

Are you ready to take your trail or freeride bike and put the trails at the Kitzsteinhorn to the test? Then spend your next mountain bike holiday in the Zell am See-Kaprun region. Book suitable accommodation now or contact us directly. We are happy to help you plan your holiday!