E-Bike: Rent & go

E-Bike: Rent & go


To the Erlhofplatte by e-bike

The excitement of enjoying mountain bike tours again increases in spring and with the first days of early summer. Finally, conquering the region on two wheels again! We like to get a little support for this: with an e-bike, steep climbs and long distances are easier to master - and we have more opportunities to enjoy the view.

Exploring the most beautiful places in the Zell am See-Kaprun region by e-bike? Sounds like an excellent plan for sunny days! We reveal our favourite panoramic tour and explain what to look out for when renting an e-bike

For those who feel the same way, there are many possibilities to rent an e-bike in Zell am See-Kaprun. This time we opt for the e-bikes from Bründl Sports: rental bikes with electric drive are available at the Bründl Sports Stores at the Maiskogelbahn lower terminus in Kaprun and the areitXpress lower terminus in Zell am See. Before the biking fun starts, we asked Mario Gschwandtner, bike expert at Bründl Sports, a few questions: What do you have to look out for when renting an e-bike?

#1 The bike must be appropriate for the tour

"The most important question is always: What needs should the e-bike meet? Where do you want to ride the bike? On trails and forest paths or rather in the valley and on asphalt tracks? Then body size and weight play of course an important role in the selection of the e-bike. This is the only way we can determine the right frame size for the rental," Mario explains. By the way: At the rental stations of Bründl Sports, there are e-mountain bikes and e-trekking bikes in different sizes for adults and children to choose from.

Rent a bike in Kaprun at Bründl Sports | © Johannes Radlwimmer

#2 Practise your braking technique

Before the tour on two wheels can start, the professionals also explain the handling in detail. "Above all, you have to get to know the braking system first. On average, an e-bike weighs 23 kg, so a lot of power is needed for braking. That's why we always advise to first test the e-bike on flat terrain and really familiarise yourself with the brakes and gears. We also explain the different speed levels from Eco to Turbo. These vary depending on the manufacturer.“

With the borrowed bike through Zell am See-Kaprun | © Johannes Radlwimmer

#3 Estimating the battery power

Once on the road, the most important question is of course: How many kilometres will the battery last? "That's a good question," smiles the specialised shop assistant. "Here again, the chosen route, with its surfaces and climbs, is decisive, and the air pressure in combination with the rider's physique is also an important factor." Optimally set up, you can cover long distances on an e-bike without recharging: With the low-support, economical Eco mode, you can ride up to 110 kilometres on flat terrain. If you ride off-road a lot, tackle steep climbs and mostly use the Turbo mode, you will have to recharge the battery after about 30 kilometres.

Cycling on holiday in SalzburgerLand | © Johannes Radlwimmer

#4 Use charging station

By the way, charging en route is no problem: there are numerous e-charging stations throughout the region. "The batteries can be recharged quickly - an hour's rest at a cosy hut is enough to continue your journey," says Mario Gschwandtner. Also, you can't overcharge the batteries. A lock to secure the e-bike during breaks is also included in the rental package.

 Summer bike tour in the mountain landscape | © Johannes Radlwimmer

Tour tip: To the Erlhofplatte

Where do you want to go? The tour to the Erlhofplatte is one of our favourites for the first spring ride: this 21.5-kilometre route, with just under 850 metres of difference in altitude, can be easily mastered with a little electric tailwind. We start in Thumersbach on the eastern shore of Lake Zell and follow the signs on asphalt and gravel paths to the cosy Enzianhütte. After a break and a little refreshment - perhaps the famous, fluffy Kaiserschmarren(?), it's time to push the pedals hard until we reach the Erlhofplatte. The best thing about it: the magnificent view! Then it's back downhill via Bruck and back to the starting point in Thumersbach.

Not only when e-biking: Protect nature and animals

Whether beginner or pro - the most important rule for bike tours in the Zell am See-Kaprun region is: we respect the boundaries to nature and animals. That's why rides on MTB trails off roads in the region are restricted and only allowed at certain times.

Bike times:

  • 01.05. - 31.08. from 8 am until 7 pm
  • 01.09. - 01.11. from 8.30 am until 4 pm

All clear? Then we wish you lots of fun on your first (e-)bike tours!
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