Après Chill & Alpine Glow

Après Chill & Alpine Glow


The best end to a day of skiing

What exactly is this Après Chill? And what does an "Alpine Glow" taste like? We got to the bottom of these questions - and are already looking forward to trying it out for ourselves.  

What is our idea of a perfect end to a day of skiing? Absolute relaxation: Preferably outdoors under the winter sky, we sit in large lounge chairs with soft sheepskins and tap our feet to the beat of the music. In front of us, the flames crackle in the brazier and the sun is just disappearing behind the peaks. Not, of course, without immersing everything around us once again in a warm, golden light. And to be honest: We probably still feel our thighs a bit from the long day of skiing. Wonderful!

Back to the beginning: Cosy get-together

By the way, this cosy way to end the day of holiday or skiing was already known many years ago: Even in the early days of skiing, ending the day together was an absolute must. In Zell am See-Kaprun, a new concept has therefore been developed that takes up the original idea of getting together after skiing: Après Chill.

Around 20 locations - on the mountain and in the valley - have joined forces in the region. From winter season 2021/22, they will make relaxed and safe "skiing after-hours" possible for all winter sports enthusiasts. This also includes easy advance reservations with a QR code and a fixed seat for every guest.

Having fun with friends on winter vacation | © EXPA, Jürgen Feichter

Delicious snacks, good music and a special drink

On the Schmittenhöhe and on Kitzsteinhorn, the participating restaurants are open until the end of the operation of the cable car services; in the valley, the end of the day can last a little longer. By the way, you can easily find your way to your (future) favourite après chill pub using the digital map.

Once you have arrived, Alpine finger food awaits you in the huts, bars or cafés. These are the best regional products, served as small bites. Perfect for a little snack between lunch and dinner. And now there's something you can't do without: the perfect drink! This is a special creation and is called "Alpine Glow".

Apres chill in Zell am See-Kaprun | © EXPA, Jürgen Feichter

Bartender Robert Pölzl and his "Alpine Glow"

Robert Pölzl told us what this fresh, alcohol-free cocktail is all about. The Styrian bartender has made a name for himself with unusual drinks and the book that goes with them, and he works primarily for Red Bull. With the "Alpine Glow" he has created an invigorating, light drink that fits the relaxed mood in the pubs perfectly.

Non-alcoholic "Alpine Glow" | © EXPA, Jürgen Feichter

"The Alpine Glow consists of fruity yuzu puree, orange and pineapple juice and a little lemon for the tart note." The highlight of the drink is that all pub operators and bartenders receive the basic cocktail of fruit puree and juices ready-made in an exclusively designed disposable glass. "Now add ice cubes and the glass itself becomes a shaker," says Pölzl. The mix is then spritzed with the Red Bull Winter Edition. This not only guarantees that the signature drink has the same fruity-fresh taste at all pubs, making the cocktail is also particularly quick and uncomplicated - which is another bonus in terms of hygiene measures.

Souvenir to take home with you

"All in all, only three steps are needed before guests have their drink in front of them at the bar," explains Pölzl. With the disposable glass, the region takes another step to be able to strictly implement all hygiene regulations.

This gives a feeling of safety - even if something else makes us really happy: "With the exclusive glass, guests can actually take a cocktail shaker home with them," says Pölzl. To us, that means on our next visit: watching carefully as the bartender mixes our drinks!

Cooperation with Red Bull at Apres Chill | © EXPA, Jürgen Feichter

Are you also curious about how the "Alpine Glow" tastes and are looking forward to safe and relaxed après chill? Then we'll see you soon in Zell am See-Kaprun. You can find a list of all the establishments where you can spend your skiing after-hours in comfort here.


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