"Alfred Kubin" Dauerausstellung

"Alfred Kubin" Dauerausstellung

Alfred Kubin Dauerausstellung, Lohninghof, Seeuferstraße 6, 5700 Zell am See

Because of its connection to Zell am See, the Lohninghof dedicates the permanent exhibition "Dream and Reality" to the expressionist painter Alfred Kubin. The exhibition presents the work of the pen and ink artist who put the morbidity of existence and the questionability of time on paper.

The permanent exhibition "Dream and Reality" by Alfred Kubin is a work of art in the truest sense. The exhibition provides a fascinating insight into the work of the important expressionist, who spent his childhood in Zell am See and returned to the Pinzgau region again and again throughout his life. Kubin filled his paper almost exclusively with pen and ink drawings. His dream worlds tell the viewer about the transience of existence and the questionability of time. The Lohninghof, an almost thousand-year-old building and a place for cultural encounters, displays his extensive work in Zell am See. During the summer months, free guided tours are also available to visitors.



Alfred Kubin Dauerausstellung
Seeuferstraße 6
5700 Zell am See