Traditions & Customs Advent season in Austria

Krampus processions

The Krampus-Procession at the beginning of December starts the series of events. You might get quite a fright when wild-looking creatures with horns and bundles of birch branches run through the alleys of Zell am See. But not to worry, they might look wild but they won’t do any harm.


Austrian customs in the Advent season | © Schweinoster
Christmas tree diving

A Christmas tree submerged 15 metres below the surface of Lake Zell is pulled up again by the members of the water rescue team during the annual Christmas Dive on 25th December. Accompanied by festive music, the divers build a circle of torches around the surfacing point and bring the Christmas tree back to the shores of Lake Zell.

 Christmas tree dedication | © Schweinoster
Tresterer Dance

The New Year is welcomed with the celebratory Tresterer Dance at the town square of Zell am See and Twelfth Night at Kaprun Castle. Tresterer are “Schönperchten“, wearing precious garments and a crown decorated with golden ornaments and cock’s feathers. The dance performed by the Tresterer symbolises the banishment of evil spirits and the hope for a rich harvest as well as good luck and health in the coming year.

Customs in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography