Toboggan run Köhlergraben

Toboggan run Köhlergraben

Köhlergrabenweg 15, 5700 Zell am See

You can find the current opening status here.

The home toboggan run in Zell am See

Take the toboggan run around 1 km from Köhlergraben through the Schmittental to the Hotel Der Waldhof. Zell am See's home toboggan run takes you through the Köhlergraben, which gives it its name. The Köhlergraben natural toboggan run is around 1 km long and is perfect for families and children. Through the Schmittental to the Hotel Der Waldhof, the toboggan run promises lots of fun and adventure.



Köhlergrabenweg 15
5700 Zell am See