Snowpark on the Schmittenhöhe

Snowpark on the Schmittenhöhe

Schmittenhöhebahn AG, Schmittenstraße 119, 5700 Zell am See

Skis and snowboard on your feet? Get into the winter fun! The snow park on the Schmittenhöhe offers twelve spectacular obstacles for freestyle and snow park enthusiasts: Depending on your level of ability, here you can try jumping and jibbing in the beginner or intermediate area.

Surrounded by an impressive winter landscape, the snow park on the Schmittenhöhe offers an extraordinary playground full of action and adventure: twelve exciting obstacles await you at an altitude of 1,715 metres. Qualified shapers bring the obstacles into perfect shape every day. Have you just started freeriding? Then is the beginner area ideal for trying out your first tricks and jumps on the three-metre-long Funbox or the Mushroom Jib. The intermediate area is made for advanced freestylers and snowboarders. A true paradise of challenging obstacles, such as the Cannon Tube or a six-metre-long kicker, awaits you here.



Schmittenhöhebahn AG
Schmittenstraße 119
5700 Zell am See