SkulpturPark, Lindenallee, 5700 Zell am See

You pass impressive works of art made of stone, wood, and metal during a walk in SkulpturPark Thumersbach. The seven large sculptures were created by sculptors such as Anton Thuswaldner and Cornelia Moinat directly on site, and have been inviting to an outdoor exhibition since 2007.

SkulpturPark Thumersbach has enchanted fans of contemporary art with handmade masterpieces since 2007. Seven sculptors, including the renowned artists Anton Thuswaldner and Cornelia Moinat, present here their works in stone, wood, and metal. Sculpted directly on site, these works skilfully blend natural materials and the scenic surroundings in the open air. As you walk through the expansive greenery and stroll among the trees, the abstract sculptures become a source of inspiration and invite you to reflect on being close to nature and the big questions of life.



5700 Zell am See