Skimovie-Strecke Schmittenhöhe

Skimovie-Strecke Schmittenhöhe

Schmittenhöhebahn AG, Schmittenstraße 119, 5700 Zell am See

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Enter the world of your sports idols for a day on the Schmittenhöhe Ski Movie track and experience the thrilling feeling of racing downhill like a ski racer on piste number 18. Your giant slalom performance will be recorded by two cameras from start to finish.

Action on the Schmittenhöhe: The Ski Movie track at the Hochmaisbahn on the Sonnenalm is a highlight for all ski racing fans. On piste 18, you turn into a ski pro and complete the best giant slalom of your life. And the downhill race will be recorded for you. Every hundredth of a second of your time will be recorded by two cameras from start to finish, The video of the race will then be available online at immediately afterwards. An experience that you will certainly want to recall again and again.



Schmittenhöhebahn AG
Schmittenstraße 119
5700 Zell am See