Skimovie-Strecke Schmittenhöhe

Skimovie-Strecke Schmittenhöhe

Schmittenhöhebahn AG, Schmittenstraße 119, 5700 Zell am See

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Skimovie-Strecke at the Hochmaisbahn at the Sonnenalm.

  • What: giant slalom course with cameras and time measurement
  • Slope number: 18
  • Lift station: Hochmaisbahn/Schmiedhoflift mountain station

The Skimovie track really lives up to its name! Because in addition to the racing experience, you’ll also have a video of it afterwards. You always wanted to have a video of you giving your all on skis or a snowboard? Then the Skimovie track is the perfect slope for you!

On the Skimovie track every centisecond counts – but it’s not just about time, it’s also about how great you look on skis! Because throughout the entire duration of the giant slalom course, you’re recorded by two cameras – from start to finish.



Schmittenhöhebahn AG
Schmittenstraße 119
5700 Zell am See