Sigmund-Thun Gorge

Sigmund-Thun Gorge

01.07.2024 - 31.08.2024
9 am - 7 pm
01.09.2024 - 30.09.2024
9 am - 5.30 pm
01.10.2024 - 03.11.2024
9.30 am - 3.30 pm
Sigmund Thun Klamm, Krafthausstraße 20, 5710 Kaprun

The Kapruner Ache river has carved its way through the Kaprun Valley over thousands of years, thus shaping the Sigmund Thun Gorge: Today, wooden bridges and boardwalks lead through the natural monument, past mighty rock faces, bizarre rock formations and waterfalls.

The Kapruner Ache river has carved its way 30 metres deep and across a length of 320 metres through the Kaprun Valley: Over the course of time, the powerful masses of water have shaped the Sigmund Thun Gorge - with striking rock formations, mighty cliffs and spuming waterfalls. On the way through the gorge, you follow the tracks of this power of water. Boardwalks, wooden bridges and small paths lead you through this natural monument, which was first opened in 1893, to the Klammsee reservoir. A picturesque circular trail awaits you here. Because the water masses swell enormously, especially after the snow melts, the gorge is only open in the summer months: Thus, the gorge still changes today and is shaped by the forces of nature.



Sigmund Thun Klamm
Krafthausstraße 20
5710 Kaprun