Schlittenverleih Der Waldhof

Schlittenverleih Der Waldhof

Hotel Loferer GesmbH & Co KG, Schmittenstraße 47, 5700 Zell am See

Der Waldhof is a popular address for toboggan hire in Zell am See. You can have fun on the Köhlergraben toboggan run, explore the winter magic on the Kohlschnait natural toboggan run or take a trip to the world’s longest toboggan run on the Waldkogel.

Whether with friends in a fast-paced toboggan race, romantically as a couple in the moonlight or during the day with the whole family, Zell am See-Kaprun is a true tobogganing paradise. If you have left your toboggan at home, then hire one at Hotel Der Waldhof in Zell am See. The tobogganing fun also starts not far from here: the 2 km-long Köhlergraben toboggan run is particularly suitable for young speedsters and families, and is also illuminated by floodlight in the evening. In addition, there is a particularly beautiful natural toboggan run in Bruck. Here, the floodlit Kohlschnait toboggan run leads on three kilometres full of variety through a snow-covered, magical winter landscape until late in the evening.



Hotel Loferer GesmbH & Co KG
Schmittenstraße 47
5700 Zell am See


tel.: +43 6542 775