Raiffeisenbank Thumersbach

Raiffeisenbank Thumersbach

Raiffeisenbank Thumersbach, Seeuferstraße 4a, 5700 Zell am See

Would you like to withdraw cash at any time during your holidays, and not be restricted by opening hours? Raiffeisenbank Thumersbach has ATMs, deposit machines and transfer boxes available around the clock.

Some matters cannot be put off even on holiday - and that includes urgent banking transactions. But you don't have to arrange your days off according to the opening hours or queue at the counter if you want to do quick and uncomplicated banking in Zell am See. The Raiffeisenbank branch in Thumersbach is designed for convenient self-service, and is equipped with all the services you need for uncomplicated and instant transactions. In the self-service area, you will find an ATM for cash withdrawals, you can make instant transfers or use an account statement printer.



Raiffeisenbank Thumersbach
Seeuferstraße 4a
5700 Zell am See


tel.: +43 6542 72709
email: thumersbach@rvs.at
website: www.raiffeisen.at