Pinzgausweets by Tiefenbacher

Pinzgausweets by Tiefenbacher

04.04.2024 - 01.01.2026
Mon - Fri:
9 am - 12 pm
Pinzgausweets by Tiefenbacher Ulrike e.U., Salzburger Platz 9b, 5710 Kaprun

Welcome to "Pinzgausweets" in Kaprun, with special sweets for special occasions.

The atmosphere in the bakery is full of love and crafts, because Ulrike Tiefenbacher relies on natural ingredients and traditional recipes - a tasty experience that you will recognize immediately. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, company event or anniversary, the confectioner's creations enchant every occasion. Modern patterns, sculpted figures or multi-tiered creations - the customer's wishes take center stage.



Pinzgausweets by Tiefenbacher Ulrike e.U.
Salzburger Platz 9b
5710 Kaprun