Panorama Restaurant "Franzl"

Panorama Restaurant "Franzl"

Bergstation Areit III/trassXpress | 5700 | Zell am See

The name says it all: the "Franzl" panorama restaurant on the Schmittenhöhe is inspired by imperial and royal times: With its quaint-urban cosiness, a mountain relief on the wall, historical hunting and winter motifs, the open fireplace and the modern bar, "Franzl" combines the past with the present. The dishes on the menu are also reminiscent of Emperor Franz and his wife Sisi. From Fiakergulasch with gherkin fans to the original Viennese schnitzel or Powidltascherln (dough pockets filled with plum puree), served is only the best of Austrian cuisine. The view from the panorama windows or the terrace is also imperial: From here you can see the peaks of the Hohe Tauern and Lake Zell all year round.


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Bergstation Areit III/trassXpress
5700 Zell am See