Offroad Park

Offroad Park

Schmidolins Erlebniswelt, areitXpress Bergstation, 5700 Zell am See

The current opening hours of the cable cars can be found here.

How about some thrilling RC truck action on the Schmitten? Kids and those young at heart will be delighted to find an off-road park of the extraordinary kind near the areitXpress mountain station.

At the crawler park, it’s all in your hands! Or to be specific: The remote control for the robust Traxxas model cars is. With a bit of dexterity, visitors of all ages can manoeuvre the vehicles through the varied obstacle course. You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to drive your RC truck skilfully through the course consisting of bridges, ramps, and even a seesaw. But keep in mind: Please be sure to always follow the designated route with your model car and stay on the paved trail next to the course.



Schmidolins Erlebniswelt
areitXpress Bergstation
5700 Zell am See