27.01.2023 - 27.01.2030
7 am - 12 am
Mc Donald's, Prof.-Ferry-Porsche-Str. 4, 5700 Zell am See

At McCafé in Zell am See, you can experience American diner feeling in the middle of the Alps every day of the year. Classic American sweet delights such as blueberry muffins or New York cheesecake meet coffee made from fine Arabica beans.

The fast food chain McDonald's may be famous for burgers, fries and the like, but only few know that its little sister - McCafé - is a true master when it comes to the art of making wonderful coffee and sweet delights, with no savoury dishes in sight. The special feature of the coffee blend at McCafé is its composition of a wide variety of coffees, all known by the prominent term Arabica beans. This coffee is considered to be particularly digestible and low in acidity. See for yourself in Zell am See 365 days a year! A classic New York cheesecake, juicy lemon cake and a variety of muffins are delicious accompaniments to a cup of wonderful coffee.



Mc Donald's
Prof.-Ferry-Porsche-Str. 4
5700 Zell am See