Holzofenstüberl, Kirchplatz 4, 5710 Kaprun

Günther Katschner's traditional oven at Holzofenstüberl is fired up for the Culinary Market at Kirchbichl every Friday from spring to summer: Here you can sample bread from the wood-fired oven, Buchteln sweet rolls and other delicacies or enjoy cake creations at the cosy public room.

Holzofenstüberl, situated in the over 400-year-old stone farmhouse in Kaprun, is the first address when it comes to crusty, fresh bread: here, the traditional art of baking bread comes back to life - just as it was done 200 years ago. For the Friday Culinary Market at Kirchbichl, master baker Günther Katschner heats his 19th-century oven to 300 degrees Celsius at dawn, thus visitors can sample breads from his wood-fired oven, and enjoy plaited milk bread, Striezels and Buchteln (sweet rolls made of yeast dough, sometimes filled with jam). This process is Günther Katschner's pride and joy and, like his wood-fired oven, is a unique example of the baker's art that can no longer be found anywhere else. The in-house café also serves fresh cakes and cream cakes as well as a tasty lunch menu.



Kirchplatz 4
5710 Kaprun