Gassner Blumen-Werkstatt

Gassner Blumen-Werkstatt

Creative Blumenwerkstatt GASSNER, Sigmund-Thun-Straße 22, 5710 Kaprun

Blumen-Werkstatt Gassner in Kaprun has turned the joy of decorative blooms into a profession. Their arrangements, potted flowers, wreaths, and bouquets are just the thing for any occasion, as a gift or to bring joy into your own home.

You want to make someone happy or simply say thank you? Blumen-Werkstatt Gassner in Kaprun creates beautiful bouquets and arrangements for every occasion. Whether cut or potted flowers for the home, or wreaths for family celebrations, weddings, or funerals - the friendly staff know the meaning of each flower and are happy to take the time to realise your wishes and ideas with seasonal flowers with great attention to detail and entirely according to your requirements. Strolling through the floral splendour of the workshop and being enchanted by the fragrances, stopping in Kaprun is worth your while without a special occasion



Creative Blumenwerkstatt GASSNER
Sigmund-Thun-Straße 22
5710 Kaprun