Feinkost Schmiderer

Feinkost Schmiderer

Feinkost Schmiderer, Seegasse 6, 5700 Zell am See

Feinkost Schmiderer in Zell am See is a culinary highlight. The traditional delicatessen store in Zell am See offers a wide selection of specialties from the Pinzgau region of delights.

Lukas Schmiderer has taken over the former Feinkost Lumpi - yes, the same Lukas Schmiderer who was named Pâtissier of the Year in 2017. He has now taken over the Via Culinaria delicatessen in the heart of Zell am See and offers Pinzgau specialties, from bread to bacon to a wide variety of cheeses. It's not without reasons that Feinkost Schmiderer is also on the via Culinaria enjoyment route for cheese freaks!



Feinkost Schmiderer
Seegasse 6
5700 Zell am See