Faistauer Photography

Faistauer Photography

Nikolaus Faistauer Photography, Kitzsteinhornstraße 26b, 5700 Zell am See

Would you like to have stylishly staged interior photos, document a special occasion, or have a professional portrait taken? Photographer Nikolaus Faistauer runs the studio of the same name in Zell am See and has a special eye for photographic snapshots.

Foto Faistauer in Zell am See has been known for the highest quality in photography for over 80 years. Whether portraits, event photography or image pictures for companies and the hotel industry - Nikolaus Faistauer takes professional pictures of everything the customer wants to put in the limelight. Today, he proudly continues the family business that his grandmother founded in 1970 and captures people, animals, landscapes and special moments for you with his camera. Faistauer Photography specialises in hotel and tourism photography as well as portraits and food arrangements.



Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
Kitzsteinhornstraße 26b
5700 Zell am See


tel.: +43 6542 57379
email: office@faistauer.com
website: foto-faistauer.at