Exhibition Tradition & Innovation since 1927

Exhibition Tradition & Innovation since 1927

Ausstellung Schmitten, Gipfelstation Schmittenhöhe, Salzachtal-Bundesstraße 7, 5700 Zell am See

The current opening hours of the cable cars can be found here.
The summit exhibition is closed due to renovation work.

In 2017, the Schmittenhöhe celebrated its 90th anniversary: The first mountain cable car in SalzburgerLand was opened here in 1927. In the summit terminus of Zell's local mountain, the "Tradition & Innovation" exhibition presents the history of the cable car from its beginnings to the present day.

With the "Tradition & Innovation" exhibition, SalzburgerLand looked back on 90 years of cable car history in 2017. The setting and main protagonist is Zell am See's local mountain, the Schmittenhöhe. The first cable car commenced operation here on the "Schmitten" in 1927. Today, a total of 28 cable cars and lifts make the mountain one of the most popular skiing and hiking areas in the Pinzgau region. Experience the change and progress of the mountain infrastructure in the summit terminus of the local mountain. There you can admire and compare, for example, two replicas of the first and the current sixth cable car gondolas, or watch the film on the history of the cable car.



Ausstellung Schmitten
Gipfelstation Schmittenhöhe
Salzachtal-Bundesstraße 7
5700 Zell am See