Exhibition Tradition & Innovation since 1927

Exhibition Tradition & Innovation since 1927

Ausstellung 90 Jahre Schmitten, Gipfelstation Schmittenhöhe, Salzachtal-Bundesstraße 7, 5700 Zell am See

The current opening hours of the cable cars can be found here.
The summit exhibition is closed due to renovation work.

Nine decades of Schmittenhöhe – oh boy, how time flies! In 2017, Zell’s landmark mountain celebrated its 90th birthday – a great reason to look at its history in retrospect! With the summit exhibition under the title of “90 years of tradition & innovation” the past and present of the Schmitten are duly celebrated. One thing’s for sure: It looks better than ever!

A journey through 90 years of cable car history
Everything was different in the old days … and you would like to know how different? At the mountain station of Zell’s landmark mountain, eager-minded visitors can look forward to an exciting journey back to the Schmitten’s colourful past. A total of 120 square metres of exhibition area offer a realistic insight into the Schmitten cable car company’s 90-year history. Based on the most important milestones along the company’s historic journey, the development of the ski and hiking resort is illustrated. From 1927 to now.
Pictures of the past
In 1927, the first cable car of the Salzburger Land region was put into operation on the Schmitten. Since then, a lot has happened! With 28 cable car and lift facilities, Zell’s landmark mountain is now one of the top Alpine destinations for winter sports enthusiasts and summer guests. Technology or tourism: The anniversary exhibition impressively illustrates the developments responsible for the resort’s present-day success. One of the highlights is a video interpretation of its history with historic footage from “way back when”.
90 years of Schmitten: tradition meets modernity
Just as impressive as the many pictures of the past are the two replicas of the first and sixth (latest) cable car models of the Schmitten. These models give visitors an idea of how much has changed during a continuous shift in priorities. From a mere means of transportation to catchwords like transport capacity, delivery rate, sustainability, entertainment, comfort and adventure. The modern terrain model takes you back to the here and now and illustrates the daily happenings on the mountain. Cable car and snowcat miniatures give kids and adults a feeling for the daily hustle and bustle that happens on the Schmitten.
The anniversary book "Longing for a View"
Zell am See holiday resort: What started with Salzburg’s first cable car has turned into a tourist mecca throughout the past 90 years. Over several decades, the Schmitten was gradually developed. Currently, Zell’s landmark mountain has 28 cable car and lift facilities, which make it one of the top ski resorts in the Alps.
90 colourful years during which a lot has happened on the Schmitten – neatly packaged into a book for you to take home in 2017. It gives readers an insight into the time before the cable car company was founded but also into its future plans. From A like Areit to Z like zellamseeXpress: The anniversary book “Sehnsucht nach Aussicht” (“Longing for a View”) that thematically matches the contents of the exhibition is an absolute must for Schmitten fans!



Ausstellung 90 Jahre Schmitten
Gipfelstation Schmittenhöhe
Salzachtal-Bundesstraße 7
5700 Zell am See