Diving School Zell am See

Diving School Zell am See

Tauchschule Zell am See, 5700 Zell am See

open all year

The experienced diving instructors Birgit and Erwin Matiasch take you on an expedition to a depth of 70 metres. Together they run Tauchschule Zell am See and offer all-year dives, where you can experience the fascinating biodiversity of Lake Zell at close range.

Discover the fascinating underwater world of Lake Zell with Tauchschule Zell am See. The lake boasts some of the clearest waters in Europe and therefore offers ideal conditions for diving all year round. The lake is also home to an amazing variety of fish. As the municipality of Zell am See prohibits diving in the surroundings of the town, an accompanied dive with this diving school is your ticket to a world that is only accessible to a few people. Right on the shore of Lake Zell, at Seehotel Freiberg, you get the necessary equipment from diving instructors Erwin and Birgit Matiasch, and then you dive together with them to a depth of 70 metres.



Tauchschule Zell am See
5700 Zell am See