Der BurgerBaron & Der BurgerBaron 24/7 Snack Lounge

Der BurgerBaron & Der BurgerBaron 24/7 Snack Lounge

Der Knödelbaron, Loferer Bundessstraße 69, 5700 Zell am See

No burger has ever tasted so Austrian: BurgerBaron in Zell am See not only serves a juicy beef patty in a bun. Here you can try the fast-food classic filled with traditional Kaspressknödel dumplings, Viennese schnitzel or fried chicken.

BurgerBaron in Zell am See will convince all fans of the famous fast-food classic. In addition to the familiar combination of juicy beef patty, freshly baked bun and cocktail sauce, the menu also includes regional interpretations of the American beef or cheese burger, which is probably not served in this way at any other restaurant. For example, the buns are filled with a large cheese dumpling, a schnitzel or fried chicken. Alternatively, the grill master also prepares bosna (similar to a hot dog, but much spicier, with a different type of sausage) or pizza for you. By the way, you can get food here until well after work: The 24/7 Snack Lounge serves high-quality dishes as well as salty and sweet snacks through a food vending machine!



Der Knödelbaron
Loferer Bundessstraße 69
5700 Zell am See