Curling Thumersbach

Curling Thumersbach

Eisstockschiessen Thumersbach, Lindenallee 4, 5700 Zell am See

Learn the ins and outs of ice stock sport in Thumersbach - and maybe you'll soon have a new winter hobby! This traditional popular sport is similar to curling and is fun for everyone. Put your skills to the test on the ice and compete against each other in two teams with friends and family.

Do you love winter sports and want to try something other than skiing or tobogganing in Zell am See? Then is ice stock sport just the thing for you. This popular sport (similar to curling) combines alpine tradition with winter pleasure on the ice and offers plenty of fun with your family or friends. This sport requires warm clothing as well as precision: two teams shoot their ice stocks into the opponent's field with a great deal of dexterity, trying to place them as close as possible to the stave, a round rubber disc. The tension as to who will score the most victory points for their team increases with every shot!


Eisstockschiessen Thumersbach
Lindenallee 4
5700 Zell am See