Curling ice rink

Curling ice rink

Freizeitzentrum Zell am See, Steinergasse 3-5, 5700 Zell am See

Get to know one of the most favourite popular sports in the Alps at Zell am See’s indoor ice rink: Curling. Two teams skilfully slide their curling sticks across the ice into the opponent's playing field in order to get as close as possible to a target point, the stave.

Is classic ice skating too boring for you? There are many ways to let off steam on the ice at Zell am See’s indoor ice rink. How about traditional curling? The ice turns into a sports ground. For groups of ten or more - it's all yours and your friends'. Divided into two teams, you take the curling sticks by the handle and let them glide across the ice into your opponent's target area. For this competition, you should not only dress warmly, but also bring a lot of talent in terms of finesse and precision. Because the ice stick that comes closest to the stave, a round rubber disc, scores the most points.



Freizeitzentrum Zell am See
Steinergasse 3-5
5700 Zell am See