Church 'St. Sigismund' Thumersbach

Church 'St. Sigismund' Thumersbach

Filialkirche "St. Sigismund", Thumersbach, 5700 Zell am See

Church Service

6:00 p.m. Filialkirche (October - after Easter)
7:00 p.m. Filialkirche (after Easter - end of September)

Filial church Thumersbach - St. Sigismund

In Thumersbach there was a chapel dedicated to St. Sigismund. The existing church was built in 1685, expanded in 1955 and a new tower was added (architect Fidelius Schmid).

In 1995 a comprehensive renovation took place (new roof, dehumidification of the masonry), which was completed with the consecration of the new people's altar and ambo. In 2008 a new organ was purchased and ceremoniously inaugurated.

In 2018 we celebrated a big anniversary “333 years Thumersbach Church” in the parish association.

My confidence

It says 365 times in the Bible
"Do not be afraid"

Lord, in the blade of grass you reveal your love, in the pebble your wisdom is hidden, in the clap of thunder the greatness of your omnipotence

But your humanity is blind and deaf for it, does not suspect the hint of the dark days, instead they sing lamentations, the faintheartedness is so huge

We are written in your hand, Lord, let the consolation in your "Do not be afraid" be felt in your humanity

It's not written 365 times for nothing.

~ Rosi Hoffmann (March 2020)



Filialkirche "St. Sigismund"
5700 Zell am See