bowling alley & sports bar

bowling alley & sports bar

Freizeitzentrum , Steinergasse 3-5, 5700 Zell am See

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"Strike!" is the term used in nine-pin bowling when someone clears all nine pins. Try your luck at nine-pin bowling on a classic skittle alley at the sports centre in Zell am See. The Sportsbar provides refreshing drinks between turns.

Nine-pin bowling, also called skittles, is one of the oldest sports and can be traced back to ancient times. For many centuries, it was a popular outdoor game throughout Europe. Today, nine-pin bowling has become a rare sports activity and only a few nine-pin bowling alleys are still in operation. At the leisure centre in Zell am See, you can experience this sporty fun and hire one of these classic skittle alleys in the Sportsbar with friends. Between turns, the bar staff will provide refreshing drinks and perhaps even a tip or two on how to manage a strike and knock down all nine pins at once.



Steinergasse 3-5
5700 Zell am See