Beach Club Thumersbach

Beach Club Thumersbach

03.02.2024 - 31.10.2024
Wed - Sun:
12 pm - 7 pm
Beach Club Thumersbach, Lindenallee 24, 5700 Zell am See

The terrace of Beach Club Thumersbach comes in handy after a tour around Lake Zell: Here you can sit back and relax, try one of the homemade lemonades and reward yourself with oven-fresh pizza, snack classics like burgers and fried chicken or a fresh apple strudel.

A place to take a deep breath: the Beach Club Thumersbach on the shores of Lake Zell is the perfect stop in between and a worthwhile destination after a tour of the lake. With a view of the lake and the mountains, you can really treat yourself here to crispy pizza, spicy Asian wok creations or snack favourites like burgers or fried chicken. Classic curd cheese dumplings or sweet Kaiserschmarrn are served as finish. There is a separate menu for the little ones who visit the Beach Club. By the way, the Beach Club Thumersbach is not only a popular meeting place in summer: in winter you can warm up here with a cosy blanket, hot tea and apple strudel and enjoy the panorama.



Beach Club Thumersbach
Lindenallee 24
5700 Zell am See