Bäckerei Unterkofler Thumersbach

Bäckerei Unterkofler Thumersbach

07.04.2024 - 31.12.2024
7.30 am - 4 pm
Thu, Fri:
7.30 am - 4 pm
7.30 am - 1 pm
7.30 am - 2 pm
Bäckerei Unterkofler Thumersbach, Seeuferstraße 3, 5700 Thumersbach

If you appreciate delicious pastries and cream slices made according to traditional recipes, or freshly baked bread made from precious ingredients, then is Bäckerei Unterkofler your favourite place in Thumersbach. You can take the baked creations with you or enjoy them in the café.

The smell of oven-fresh bread and sweet pastries wafts from the bakery and patisserie of Bäckerei Unterkofler. The specialities of this Thumersbach baker are known for their excellent taste throughout Zell am See. From bread rolls and cake slices to pastries, all products are handmade here according to traditional recipes. The master bakers also demonstrate their passion for baking with individual orders for festive occasions. In addition to classic cakes for birthdays or anniversaries, the bakery also sweetens couples' wedding days and fulfils every wish made of buttercream, fruit, caramel, chocolate, or marzipan.



Bäckerei Unterkofler Thumersbach
Seeuferstraße 3
5700 Thumersbach