Bäckerei Bauer Schüttdorf

Bäckerei Bauer Schüttdorf

01.01.2022 - 31.12.2025
Mon - Fri:
6 am - 6 pm
6 am - 5 pm
7 am - 5 pm
Bäckerei Bauer, Prof.-Ferry-Porsche Straße 21, 5700 Zell am See

As an organic-certified bakery, Bäckerei Bauer treats you to crusty breads made from pure natural sourdough, lovingly created pastries from the patisserie and irresistible chocolate creations from the in-house confectionery.

At the certified organic Bäckerei Bauer bakery, the baked goods are not industrial pre-baked products, but are lovingly made by hand. Master baker and confectioner Wolfgang Bauer is known in the region as a tinkerer and someone, who appreciates good quality. He bakes breads and creates sweet pastries with his family already in the fourth generation. The recipe of Bauer's organic sourdough, which is used to bake the bread in wood-fired ovens, is verifiably over 100 years old. The sourdough is enriched exclusively with organic ingredients from natural resources from controlled Austrian cultivation. During your visit, you must try the pastries and cakes or the homemade Bauer chocolates.



Bäckerei Bauer
Prof.-Ferry-Porsche Straße 21
5700 Zell am See


tel.: +43 6542 53924
website: baeckerei-bauer.at