F.A.T. Ice Race 27 January 2024

After a three-year enforced break, it is officially time to revive the legendary Ice Race in Zell am See, now making its comeback on 27 January 2024 under the F.A.T. International brand as the F.A.T. Ice Race. The brand is inspired by the legendary Porsche 962, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1994 under the F.A.T. label. The aim is to reference the spirit and appeal of the 80s and 90s.

Racing cars on ice

While providing a spectacular setting, the event will unite passionate motorsport fans and showcase the diverse realm of automotive culture. Spectators can witness firsthand as amateur and professional racing drivers endure extreme conditions, competing for the best performance on ice.

Whether you are looking to see the most iconic cars in the history of motorsport, agile buggies, or modern GT and rally cars, you are guaranteed to witness breathtaking drift angles and jaw-dropping action!

The famous Skijöring event, where skiers are pulled behind race cars, will present a challenge for both drivers and skiers, promising a great show on ice. Besides motorsports fans, techies and design enthusiasts will also find plenty to do off the ice, including exhibitions and highlights such as the Porsche Spyder paddock.

The crowning moment of the day will be a party at Kaprun Castle, centered around the theme “Motorsport in the 80s and 90s”, completed with music that captures the spirit.

On the way on the ice track | © GP ICE RACE, David Papenheim

Facts F.A.T. ICE RACE:

  • Celebrating motorsport together in a festival atmosphere

  • Several competitions & vehicle classes

  • Skijoring: Here a skier is pulled along the track by a car

  • Numerous demo runs and show races

  • No ice? No problem! No worries, the event will be happening in any kind of weather.