Castle tour Kaprun Castle

Castle tour Kaprun Castle

Monday, 01.07.2024 - Monday, 15.07.2024
Mon, Thu:
from 5 pm | duration: 2h
Sunday, 07.07.2024 - Sunday, 14.07.2024
from 10 am | duration: 2h
Monday, 22.07.2024 - Thursday, 19.09.2024
Mon, Thu:
from 5 pm | duration: 2h
Sunday, 28.07.2024 - Sunday, 22.09.2024
from 10 am | duration: 2h
Burg Kaprun, Schlossstraße 55, 5710 Kaprun

Castle tour...
... walk through 600 years of eventful history

Even today you can still feel the atmosphere of times long gone when you enter the venerable Kaprun Castle. It is as if you are travelling back in time. Surrounded by centuries-old walls, you get an impression of how counts and castellans spent their everyday lives.

A real attraction for visitors today, the castle used to be proud possession and refuge for many noble families for centuries. The castle was first mentioned in documents at the end of the 13 century. However, historians assume that the construction of the castle goes back even further. Kaprun Castle was built by the Upper Bavarian noble family of the Falkensteins in the 12th century.

Until 1975, the castle had seen exciting times before it increasingly fell victim to the natural process of decay. Finally, the Burgverein Kaprun association made sure that mountains of rubble, wild growth and signs of weathering were removed. Since then, the castle has been restored to its former glory and provides a historical setting for modern events. The perfect symbiosis of past and present!

Castle Tours:

1. July until 22. September 2024 (except 18.07.2024 | 21.07.2024 | 08.09.2024)
Monday and Thursday from 5-7 pm
Sunday from 10-12 am

Admission for adults is € 8,- / children from 7-14 years € 4,-
Dogs are welcome if they are kept on a leash.

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Burg Kaprun
Schlossstraße 55
5710 Kaprun


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