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Ski-Guides in Zell am See Kaprun

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freeride guiding, ski touring, slope guiding and security training
Zell am See
ski school - ski lessons - Ski Guides - alpine skiing - skiing
FROST - YOUR SKISCHOL IN KAPRUN. Private - Safari - Camps - Kids - Fun. Ski- & Snowboardschool - Camps & Courses all year round!
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Zell am See - Freeride Guiding
adventure sports - skiing - mountaineering/climbing - Ski Guides
Zell am See
Freaks on Snow
freestyle skiing - ski school - Ski Guides
Zell am See
The Freeride Experience
skiing - sports school - Ski Guides
dr. snow - Freeride Academy
Ski Guides - adventure sports - skiing - sports school - alpine skiing
Freeriding is the original form of skiing – out and about in uncharted and unprepared terrain following the call of new adventures, to experience freedom and nature. Due to the rapid development in materials it is constantly becoming easier to ski off-piste. One can nowadays even enjoy freeriding as a novice. It will always be necessary to strike a balance between ability and the the descents one choses. It is, however, always possible to find a suitable challenge while freeriding and in combination enjoy the strong perception with the all-surrounding nature. In its perfect form freeriding consists of different speeds, turn radii, jumps and techniques leading to a mixed style of skiing. That is what freeriding is about. Alongside the technical skiing challenges one is also confronted with alpine risks. One has to learn and gain experience in the alpine environment in winter to be able to return safely to the valley one started in. Constant risk management and assessment is paramount.

Alpin Guide Hager
skiing - Ski Guides
Zell am See
Hartweger´s Ski & Snowboardschule
alpine skiing - snowboarding - skiing - ski school - Ski Guides - ski lessons - freestyle skiing - ski touring
Our family-owned ski & snowboard school offer Ski and Snowboard Lessons for all ages, from beginners to experts. You can choose between Group Courses and Private Lessons. ... or are You interested in one of our Workshops? - You will for sure find the right thing!
We want your vacation to become an unforgettable experience!!

Explore the best and most fascinating descents in a mind blowing alpine landscape! For you, your family or with friends!
Our qualified instructors/guides show you the most effective freeriding techniques and we teach the rudimental knowledge how to move in alpine terrain. We want you ride safely and with pleasure!
Mountainguides Zell am See-Kaprun
alpine skiing - ice climbing - climbing/sport climbing/rock climbing - Ski Guides - sports school - snowshoeing - incentives - ski touring
The team around the Mountainguides Zell am See-Kaprun is made up of three - one could say hand-picked - persons. Born and raised in the beautiful region of Zell am See Kaprun early enough we developed a true passion about outdoor and mountain sports. Soon we decided that we want to share this passion with other people and therefore became UIAGM mountain guides. Now we can show our guests the beauty of our nature and mountains, help them out if they are less used to gear and techniques, and fascinate our guests and get fascinated by them every day when we spend some brilliant moments outside with freeriding, skitouring, climbing, iceclimbing, snow-shoe-hiking, via-ferrata-climbing and so on. This are the Mountain Guides Zell am See Kaprun: a team made up of three UIAGM Mountain Guides, three skiers, three climbers - three friends. No more, no less!
Zell am See

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