Herbs & Regionality

Herbs & Regionality

lör, 24.09.2022
from 9.15 am
Sonnkogel Bergrestaurant, Schmittenstraße 119, 5700 Zell am See

Herbs & Regionality

During the Alpine Delight Weeks, the Sonnkogel Restaurant Schmittenhöhe serves special "Herb Dishes" from 09-25 of September 2022.

 The Sonnkogl restaurant attaches great importance to regionality, they have the AMA- Seal, Salzburg Schmeckt and the environmental seal.

Treat yourself with a dish from the 'herb menu' or one of the following dishes that were created for the Alpine Delight Weeks.

  • Deer roulade stuffed with herbs, bacon, pretzel dumplings, mini baked apples and lingonberry & red cabbage. Price: 33€
  • Delicious veal, cabbage (or savoy cabbage), kohlrabi & pumpkin rösti. Price: 29,50€



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Schmittenstraße 119
5700 Zell am See